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A zero-day vulnerability signifies a critical security flaw within software that the provider is unaware of, lacking any available patch to fix it. This type of vulnerability poses a substantial risk as it remains unmitigated and unaddressed by the software creator.

A zero-day attack occurs when an individual or a group exploits such a vulnerability actively. By leveraging this unknown weakness, these attackers can infiltrate systems, execute malicious actions, and cause considerable harm without any preventive measures in place.



Enhance Your Overall Resilience and Security Posture

Understanding the Risks and Countermeasures Against Stealthy Threats

The name comes from the fact that there were “zero days” between the time you had a software update available and the vulnerability was made public or is actively exploited. The term therefore identifies the novelty of a vulnerability and the urgency to act upon it.

Zero-day attacks pose immense challenges in the realm of cybersecurity. These vulnerabilities are exploited by hackers before their targets are even aware of their existence. This clandestine entry grants threat actors’ access to networks without detection, amplifying the difficulty in combating such cyberthreats.



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GoSecure Titan® Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR) Foundation

GoSecure Titan® MXDR Foundation leverage advanced threat detection mechanisms, such as behavioral analysis, machine learning, and anomaly detection, to identify suspicious activities all of which also applies to zero-day threats. In case the unthinkable happen, privilege escalation and lateral movement can be quickly detected and mitigated.

The real-time monitoring and event logging enables quick investigation of what has happened and enables IT personal with the visibility they need to assess risks quickly and reliably.

GoSecure Titan® Vulnerability Management as A Service (VMaaS)

Zero-day vulnerabilities rarely come alone. Threat actors will need to perform privilege escalation or lateral movement to reach their objectives. These additional steps are often performed by leveraging existing low and medium vulnerabilities.

GoSecure Titan® VMaaS is designed to close that gap. It will Identify assets and exposure through scanning, Prioritize threats using contextual analysis and Respond by updating systems and applications to strengthen resistance to attacks, shorten remediation times and maintain compliance.

Many organizations lack the resources, time, and expertise to effectively manage vulnerabilities and often spend their time patching the wrong vulnerabilities.

GoSecure Titan® VMaaS combines industry leading technology with expert analysis to provide unsurpassed speed, accuracy, consistency, and reliability, giving the organization customized vulnerability management program making them more secure, even against zero-days, while saving time and money.

Act Now: Combat Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and Safeguard Your Systems

Zero-day attacks present imminent threats, exploited before detection. Secure your networks against these stealthy cyber threats with proactive measures and vigilant cybersecurity practices.


GoSecure Titan® Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR)​

GoSecure Titan® Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR)​ Foundation

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GoSecure MXDR for Microsoft

Comprehensive visibility and response within your Microsoft security environment


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Halt zero-day exploits with advanced protection

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GoSecure Titan® Intelligence


GoSecure is a recognized cybersecurity leader and innovator, pioneering the integration of endpoint, network, and email threat detection into a single Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) service. For over 20 years, GoSecure has been helping customers better understand their security gaps and improve their organizational risk and security maturity through MXDR and Professional Services solutions delivered by one of the most trusted and skilled teams in the industry.


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