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GoSecure Penetration Testing Services offer a comprehensive appraisal of an organization’s ability to identify threats and defend against attacks


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Rely on GoSecure Penetration Testing Services to help identify the attack surface and spot potential risks and gaps. Working with experts, like the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) team at GoSecure, organizations can identify and remediate risks, which will help protect their people, their data, and their assets from breaches.

Penetration Testing programs deliver insights for organizations that want
to understand: ​

Where and how adversaries can target their organization

Where and how
data can be compromised

The impact attackers can have on the organization and its operations

Controls and/or remediation measures to improve the security of the organization

Know Your Risk to
Mitigate Your Risk

GoSecure works with clients to understand their threat model, including industry and technology stack. This enables the expert intrusion testers to deliver a program that will identify the security risks posed by real world attackers, complete with recommended mitigation.

Penetration Testing programs from GoSecure identify exploits, flaws, issues with policies and other common security concerns to help improve cybersecurity posture and close gaps. Specialized engagements for code reviews, cloud testing, SAP testing and industrial/embedded devices are also available on request.


By Contributing to the Industry-Specific

Security Testing Expertise

GoSecure has the resources, background, and experience necessary to deliver specialized tests across industries including government, retail, infrastructure, finance, and more.

Red Team

Help assess reaction, detection and investigation capabilities of the blue team by providing a real adversary to spar against. The GoSecure resources are engaged on a longer-term man date based on trophy collection. These resources use different attack vectors to reach these objectives and will deliver their findings at the termination of the project. As such, the scoping of a Red Team will need to be subject to a formal scoping for time and effort.

Purple Team

Improve the blue team capabilities via automation and configuration, leveraging the numerous years of offensive experience of GoSecure at bypassing security controls. The goal of Purple Team is to improve the reaction, detection and investigation capabilities of the blue team. As such, the scoping of a Purple Team will need to be subject to a formal scoping for time and effort.

Threat Hunting

Empower the internal team to proactively identify and mitigate security threats, ultimately enhancing the organization's resilience against cyberattacks.


Social engineering is a term that describes a kind of penetration that relies heavily on human interaction, but has limited technical means, and often involves persuading other people to break normal security procedures. For this phase, GoSecure will attempt to gain access to the organization’s internal assets, as defined by the pre-approved plan. To do so, GoSecure will use any (non-threatening or physically intense) means necessary to gain access including the impersonation of a fellow employee of the organization or portray GoSecure as one of its vendors.

Workstations / Servers

Mobile Devices


Control Station / Data and Acquisition Environments


It is a well-known fact that users and their systems are one of the weakest links in the security of most networks. Our team will determine the effectiveness of your endpoint security solutions and provide an overall review of endpoint security.


Identify and remediate any security weaknesses within the SAP environment to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, or other security incidents.


Provide comprehensive insights into the security vulnerabilities and weaknesses present within the mainframe environment. By identifying and addressing these issues across infrastructure, access management, and applications, organizations can strengthen their defenses and mitigate the risk of cyber threats targeting their mainframe systems.

Physical Penetration Testing

Identify weaknesses in an organization's physical security defenses and provide actionable recommendations to mitigate risks and strengthen security posture. By simulating real-world attack scenarios, organizations can better understand their vulnerabilities and take proactive steps to protect their assets and personnel.

Embedded System Penetration Testing

Validate the effectiveness of the measures in place to protect the intellectual property, typically contained in the form of firmware compiled and executed by the embedded system.

Radio Frequency

Provide organizations with actionable insights into the security of their Radio Frequency systems and empower them to address vulnerabilities effectively, ultimately enhancing their overall security posture.


Web Application Penetration Testing

Identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the web application that would allow a malicious user the ability to attack the system and obtain access beyond what is authorized and normally available by design.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile security testing considers mobile characteristics, but primarily reflects commonly deployed technology testing. We believe mobile penetration testing must be a holistic approach with sufficient flexibility to adapt to the wide gamut of mobile operating system characteristics, deployment specifics, and the wide range of application frameworks available to developers.

Fat Client’’

Assess the security of a client-side application or software that is installed and executed on a user's local machine. Fat clients typically have a significant amount of processing and data storage capabilities compared to thin clients or web-based applications.

(API) Penetration Testing

Intends to reveal bugs, inconsistencies, or deviations from the expected behavior of an API. As we test the API, it allows us to determine if they meet expectations for functionality, reliability, performance, and security.

Secure Code Review

GoSecure evaluates the application source code to verify that implemented security controls operate as designed. Through a combination of manual and automated techniques, as well as through interviews and through the examination of architecture documents, the GoSecure team will identify security flaws in the source code. GoSecure follows the application security industry standard OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) as a reference source to perform the secure code review.


External Network Penetration Testing

Validate the effectiveness of security control processes and systems against automated attacks, hackers or any potential threat related to the Internet. Any failure of a security process or system in place will be reported in detail to the organization in order to readjust its posture against attacks on its perimeter.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Allows organizations to test if an attacker has the equivalent of internal access. It looks at how an attacker may have access to perform unauthorized data disclosure, misuse, alternate, or destruction of confidential information, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Allows organizations to verify the security of all the wireless networks (SSSIDs) selected by the Client.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Validate the effectiveness of security control processes and systems within Amazon / Microsoft / Google Cloud environments against hacker, insider threat, or any potential threat related to the Internet.

Operational Technology (OT)

Enhance the security and resilience of critical infrastructure systems, minimize the risk of cyber attacks, and safeguard the continuous operation of essential services.



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With a focus on revealing vulnerabilities and strengthening your defenses, our comprehensive approach ensures you stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.



Cybersecurity Perceptions
Versus Reality

GoSecure Penetration Testers still find 1 in 4 users have elected to use one of the All-Star passwords (i.e., Password123, CompanyName123).


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