Elevating Cybersecurity
with our


GoSecure’s Security Operations Center (SOC) stands as a beacon of protection, blending human expertise with cutting-edge technology. Led by seasoned professionals, our SOC operates tirelessly, employing proactive techniques to neutralize threats before they escalate. Backed by robust threat intelligence and
a commitment to excellence, we offer comprehensive 24/7 coverage, ensuring your digital assets are safeguarded by a team dedicated to your success.

At the heart of

GoSecure’s Cybersecurity Defense

stands Our Security Operations Center (SOC)

A beacon of excellence meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
Powered by the perfect fusion of human expertise and cutting-edge technology,
our SOC operates around the clock, tirelessly safeguarding our clients’
digital assets with unwavering vigilance and dedication.


Our Expert Analysts Go Beyond

Users can enable SEG functionalities at their discretion or have them automatically triggered based on administrator-defined Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules, ensuring proactive threat mitigation.

Dedicated Threat
Intelligence Analysts

Furthermore, our SOC is fortified by robust threat intelligence feeds, meticulously curated by dedicated threat intelligence analysts. These feeds provide timely and relevant information on emerging threats and attack vectors, empowering our SOC to stay ahead of evolving threats and adapt defenses accordingly.



Quality Reports
And Insights

But perhaps the most distinguishing aspect of our SOC is the quality of our reports and insights. Our analysts’ keen insights, honed through continuous training and real-world experience, ensure that every threat is thoroughly analyzed and every action is meticulously documented. This attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive compre-hensive and actionable reports, enabling them to make informed decisions and strengthen their security posture effectively.

Dedicated Customer Success Teams

However, what truly sets GoSecure apart is the collective effort of every individual working within our organi-zation. From our dedicated customer success teams ensuring seamless integration and support to the meticulous coordination of our Project Management Office (PMO), it is the collaboration and dedication of
our entire team that sets us apart as the ultimate ally
in cybersecurity.


At GoSecure, we understand that it’s not just about technology or processes; it’s about the people behind them. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with the expertise of our team members in their respective roles, ensures that our SOC operates at peak efficiency, providing unparalleled 24/7 full coverage to our clients. With GoSecure’s SOC at the helm, clients can rest assured that their digital assets are in the safest of hands, protected by a team of experts dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences and ensuring their continued success.


Meet Our Team

V I G I L A N C E  +  P A S S I O N


At GoSecure, our SOC Analysts team, with a wealth of certifications including GCFA, GCIH, and GSEC, is at the forefront of MDR incident handling. With a collective experience of approximately 100 years in security and cybersecurity, our diverse and inclusive group of analysts brings a range of unique skills and perspectives to
the table.

A D V O C A C Y  +  S A T I S F A C T I O N


The Client Success team at GoSecure is dedicated to advocating for clients, ensuring that GoSecure services are delivered with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, and that client expectations are consistently met in every interaction.

C O O R D I N A T I O N  +  O P T I M I Z A T I O N


The Project Management Security Team (PMO) is what sets GoSecure apart—named experts who elevate concerns and provide context about what’s happening across your
security landscape.

C O L L A B O R A T I O N  +  E F F I C I E N C Y


At GoSecure, we use a variety of cutting-edge technologies to gather the telemetry needed to keep our customers safe.  This requires us to work with a plethora of software agents and tools to make sure we keep all of the endpoints we monitor fully protected.

Comprehensive Coverage and Support

The collective effort of every individual within GoSecure ensures that our SOC operates at peak efficiency, providing unparalleled 24/7 full coverage to clients. From dedicated customer success teams to meticulous coordination by our Project Management Office, organizations receive comprehensive support and assurance that their digital assets are safeguarded by a team of experts dedicated to their success.

Unparalleled Protection with AI Augmentation

Our ability to leverage AI capabilities alongside human expertise ensures swift and effective response to emerging risks. By analyzing vast amounts of data in real-time, our SOC identifies patterns and anomalies indicative of potential threats, providing clients with unparalleled protection against sophisticated adversaries.

Timely and Relevant Threat Intelligence

Organizations receive timely and relevant information on emerging threats and attack vectors through our SOC’s robust threat intelligence feeds. This empowers them to stay ahead of evolving threats and adapt their defenses accordingly, leading to improved security posture.

Enhanced Threat Detection & Response

With our SOC’s proactive threat hunting techniques and reliance on human expertise, organizations benefit from early detection and neutralization of threats before they escalate. This translates to reduced risk exposure and minimized potential damages.

Testament to Human Ingenuity and Cutting-edge Technology

Our SOC serves as a testament to the power of human ingenuity, bolstered by cutting-edge technology. It demonstrates our commitment to excellence and innovation in cybersecurity, reassuring clients that their digital assets are protected by a team of experts dedicated to leveraging the best of human and technological capabilities.

Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

At the heart of our SOC’s operations lies a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation. We understand that the cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities. Therefore, our SOC is not only equipped to address current threats but also primed to anticipate and mitigate future risks.


The GoSecure SOC Advantages

Empowering Organizations With Advanced
Threat Detection And Response

GoSecure Titan® Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR)​

GoSecure Titan® Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR)​ Foundation

GoSecure Titan® Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

GoSecure Titan® Managed Security Information & Event Monitoring (Managed SIEM)

GoSecure Titan® Managed Perimeter Defense​ (MPD)

GoSecure Titan® Inbox Detection and Response (IDR)

GoSecure Titan® Secure Email Gateway (SEG)

GoSecure Titan® Threat Modeler

GoSecure Titan® Identity

GoSecure Titan® Platform

GoSecure Professional Security Services

Incident Response Services

Security Maturity Assessment

Privacy Services

PCI DSS Services

Penetration Testing Services​

Security Operations


GoSecure MXDR for Microsoft

Comprehensive visibility and response within your Microsoft security environment


Cyber Risks

Risk-Based Security Measures

Sensitive Data Security

Safeguard sensitive information

Private Equity Firms

Make informed decisions

Cybersecurity Compliance

Fulfill regulatory obligations

Cyber Insurance

A valuable risk management strategy


Combat ransomware with innovative security

Zero-Day Attacks

Halt zero-day exploits with advanced protection

Consolidate, Evolve & Thrive

Get ahead and win the race with the GoSecure Titan® Platform


GoSecure Titan® Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

GoSecure Titan® Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV)

GoSecure Titan® Security Information & Event Monitoring (SIEM)

GoSecure Titan® Inbox Detection and Reponse (IDR)

GoSecure Titan® Intelligence


Proactive Defense, 24/7


GoSecure is a recognized cybersecurity leader and innovator, pioneering the integration of endpoint, network, and email threat detection into a single Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) service. For over 20 years, GoSecure has been helping customers better understand their security gaps and improve their organizational risk and security maturity through MXDR and Professional Services solutions delivered by one of the most trusted and skilled teams in the industry.





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