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GoSecure Incident Response Services prepare organizations to contain, resolve and recover from breaches faster, minimizing operational, financial and reputational impact

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GoSecure’s cutting-edge Incident Response Services (IRS) empower organizations to expedite their recovery from cyberattacks as well as enhance their overall cybersecurity resilience. GoSecure’s team of dedicated cybersecurity experts specializes in swift response, ensuring prompt containment, thorough analysis, and strategic recovery.

With Incident Response Services, organizations are not just recovering; they’re evolving stronger. Safeguard your digital assets with confidence, knowing that in times of crisis, we’re by your side, securing your future in the digital landscape.

When organizations face a breach, trust GoSecure to swiftly and expertly navigate the aftermath 






Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DF&IR)

Comprised of security experts with years of experience in response and forensics, helping minimize the exposure and facilitating rapid mitigation and clean-up. Whether you need a full-blown investigation, or simply another set of eyes, GoSecure can meet your needs with a Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DF&IR) Services.

The purpose of the DF&IR is to help guide the organization’s activities in a situation where there are one or more suspected or confirmed incidents. The goal is to provide a functional plan that defines the actions and responsibilities for the key groups within the organization.


Recommended Services

By Incident Response Field

GoSecure recommends a range of essential services to all organizations encountering one or more suspected or confirmed incidents through our DF&IR (Digital Forensics & Incident Response) Services.
These services include:



These services help find your vulnerabilities, prepare and test for the worst. These services include:

Incident Response Plan Development or Review

At GoSecure, we emphasize proactive cybersecurity measures over reactive approaches. Our skilled analysts offer expertise in crafting or enhancing tailored incident response plans based on industry best practices. Recognizing the unique needs and operational nuances of each organization, our approach is meticulously aligned with these requirements. Your organization’s individuality is central to our strategy, ensuring solutions harmonize with your specific context and objectives.

Incident Response Retainer

Having an incident response retainer in place is a proactive measure taken by organizations to ensure they have immediate access to expert resources and support when facing a cybersecurity incident. It helps in reducing response times, minimizing the impact of breaches, and ensuring a structured approach to handling security incidents.

These Services Help With Validating Your Incident Response Plan – Because Without Testing, Plans Are Just a Theory. These Services Include:

Breach Readiness Assessment

The Breach Readiness Assessment offered by GoSecure centers on evaluating critical aspects of information security that directly influence your organization’s readiness and response capabilities for security incidents.
These assessment areas encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from the overarching landscape of your organization’s information security governance to the intricate facets of your cybersecurity infrastructure and capabilities.

Tabletop Exercise

A tabletop exercise will be conducted to both trains, the Client’s response teams and assess their readiness for handling a major incident scenario. GoSecure will create a realistic scenario based on the Client’s crisis management and incident response plan, as well as information collected during earlier phases of the assessment.
This scenario, potentially simulating a ransomware attack, will be presented through a slide show. During the exercise, GoSecure facilitators will introduce new challenges and updates for the participants to address, while observing and taking notes to guide the decision-making process and theoretical actions of the Client teams.


When an attack does occur, you need to immediately identify and contain it using:

Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DF&IR)

The purpose of the DF&IR is to help guide the organization’s activities in a situation where there are one or more suspected or confirmed incidents. The goal is to provide a functional plan that defines the actions and responsibilities for the key groups within the organization.


Having the right recovery services is key to dealing with the aftermath of a security breach. GoSecure IR Services can provide you with the following tools:

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Discovery

As an increasing number of social and economic interactions occurs in the online realm, the significance of safeguarding privacy and ensuring data protection is gaining greater acknowledgment. Of equal concern is the collection, use and disclosure of individuals’ personal information to third parties without informing or obtaining the consent of consumers. As a result, 137 out of 194 countries have implemented legal frameworks to ensure data security and privacy preservation, such as Law 25 in Quebec and GDPR in Europe.

In the context of a breach, confidential data, including personally identifiable information (PII), is at greater risk of unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alteration, or destruction. The GoSecure Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Discovery Services objective is to precisely identify and locate such data that could be residing in an IT environment, device, and/or mailbox.

Dark Web Monitoring

This type of analysis is used to identify threats the Client is facing before they materialize or leaked information that is shared among malicious actors on the Dark Web. Through the use of automated crawling tools and publicly available databases, extensive research is carried out on the Internet to detect if any sensitive information of the Client is accessible.

The objective of this phase is to carry out extensive research on the Internet, on social networks, hacking forums or other sources in order to detect if privileged or sensitive information about the company is accessible.

MXDR – Security Maturity Assessment

Our GoSecure Security Maturity Assessment (SMA) service is a lighter, more flexible version of our GoSecure Titan® Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) Foundation service offering.

Essentially, it consists of operations conducted by our threat hunters to search for indicators of compromise (IoCs) that may have been introduced following a security breach or compromise in the past, and/or hidden IoCs that have not yet been detected or reported.

Remediation Vulnerability Scan

Following a compromise or a breach, it is important to look for other potential threats that could arise and be linked to unpatched and vulnerable systems.

The first step towards vulnerability management and remediation is knowing the risks and threats affecting your IT environment.

With its VMaaS service and the leveraged Tenable solution, GoSecure offers a remediation and customized vulnerability scan.

An assessment of the results will be conducted by an analyst specialized in vulnerability management to prioritize the mitigation actions based on the criticality of the impacted systems, the severity of the identified security flaws and the likelihood of exploitation.

GoSecure Titan® Email Security

GoSecure Titan® Email Security includes GoSecure Titan® Secure Email Gateway (SEG) & GoSecure Titan® Inbox Detection and Response (IDR) which creates a robust and holistic email security solution that improves threat detection, accelerates response times, and reduces the administrative burden.

This approach offers a comprehensive and cost-effective strategy to protect organizations from email-based cyber threats.

Microsoft Office 365 Assessment

The objectives of the Microsoft Office 365 Assessment are to evaluate the existing information security controls in the Office 365 environment, aiming to gain insight into its security stance, and to offer recommendations for enhancing security, informed by best practices.

Data Storage Service

A Senior Systems Administrator from Assurance IT, a GoSecure partner, offers Data Recovery Services that encompass remote delivery, antivirus scans on data, data recovery from customer-provided sources (up to 12TB), activity login records, and providing customer access for file review and restoration requests.
Assurance IT support services are accessible on weekdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST. Additionally, they provide Hosting Services, offering up to 12TB of off-site storage for the recovered data at a monthly cost.

Data Classification Service

The client requests a service from GoSecure that involves reviewing emails to extract specific types of information, such as names, phone numbers, and credit card details. GoSecure’s partner will create an Excel sheet containing the identified information.

To fulfill this requirement, clients need to provide emails in a predefined format and also specify the information GoSecure’s partner should search for and compile.


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Safeguard your digital assets with confidence, knowing that in times of crisis, we’re by your side, securing your future in the digital landscape.




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“Ensuring that you have a competent legal team, effective public relations support, and robust cybersecurity insurance in place is absolutely critical for any modern organization.”
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