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Waltham, MA – CounterTack, the exclusive provider of the industry’s one true behavior and memory-based Endpoint Threat Platform (ETP) for the enterprise, today announced its solution to protect companies from the WannaCry ransomware virus. CounterTack’s Endpoint Threat Platform detects the active malicious processes and kills this threat decisively before it impacts a company.

CounterTack takes a dynamic, behavior-based approach to detecting WannaCry, its variants and other never-before-seen ransomware viruses. Its Endpoint Threat Platform is designed to quickly neutralize the potential impact of WannaCry and other ransomware attacks with the ability to rapidly detect and convict the threat, and take swift action against it.

WannaCry is the latest in a rash of ransomware attacks that has started to proliferate globally, taking advantage of a Windows exploit that was reportedly stolen from the NSA. WannaCry is considered a dangerous piece of malware, and may also be known as WannaCrypt, WanaCrypt0r, or DoublePulsar, depending on how its executed. CounterTack’s Endpoint Threat Platform (ETP) is architected specifically to handle advanced attacks that can strike without indicators, so that security teams can respond quickly.

“We are focused on protecting companies from the WannaCry virus globally, and our experienced threat researchers continue to investigate this threat and new variants that emerge,” said Neal Creighton, CEO, CounterTack. “CounterTack is dedicated to alleviating the burden of continuous, manual investigation for security teams that often accompanies advanced ransomware attacks. Our approach is different, and we have designed our technology to detect attacks quickly to limit WannaCry’s propagation, and other attacks like it, from impacting companies worldwide.”

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